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Movies based on ouija board plot keyword

15 movies

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Ouija poster


Release date
24, October. 2014
The Exorcist poster

The Exorcist

Release date
26, December. 1973
Paranormal Activity 2 poster

Paranormal Activity 2

Release date
22, October. 2010
Grave Encounters 2 poster

Grave Encounters 2

Release date
12, October. 2012
September poster


Release date
18, December. 1987
Ballet Of Blood poster

Ballet Of Blood

Release date
01, March. 2016
Bunshinsaba: Ouija Board poster

Bunshinsaba: Ouija Board

Release date
30, July. 2004
Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway poster

Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway

Release date
10, September. 1993
13 Ghosts poster

13 Ghosts

Release date
01, July. 1960
Böse Zellen poster

Böse Zellen

Release date
21, November. 2003
Midsommer poster


Release date
07, February. 2003
What Lies Beneath poster

What Lies Beneath

Release date
21, July. 2000
Ouija 2 poster

Ouija 2

Release date
21, October. 2016

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